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In general, the most common of all use disorder symptoms is the inability to control or regulate one’s marijuana use. The symptoms of cannabis use disorder can range from not being able to stop the weed from smoking in the first place to breaking out in uncontrollable fits of coughing and wheezing. However, the most common marijuana user symptom is having an uncontrollable craving for the weed. This is actually the hardest one for a person with a weed addiction because their brain will not shut off the craving when it becomes too strong. If a person can not abstain from their bud but they still crave the weed, then their condition is slightly less serious than basic marijuana addiction.

While marijuana use disorder symptoms can range from being unable to control one’s craving to dealing with frequent runny nose and coughing fits, there are some more serious signs that may suggest that a person is using weed. Some people have actually started dealing with heartburn while they are high on pot. This happens because the THC in the weed reduces the acid levels in the stomach, thus reducing the amount of hydrochloric acid that must be in the system to neutralize the acids produced by the digestive process. When a person uses more marijuana, the acid levels increase even more because the body does not need as much of it to perform at its optimal best.

People who are addicted to weed do not eat properly. Chronic weed users often have stomach issues, dehydration, and even liver disease because they are breaking down their bodies. They do not feel good, and their digestive systems are unable to keep up with the increased amount of weed they are consuming on a regular basis. As a result, the person can end up getting very sick with parasites and other diseases because they are poisoning their bodies on a regular basis. Even though the weed might seem cleaner than heroin or cocaine, they are still highly addictive substances.

Many weed use disorder symptoms include depression and anxiety. Regular marijuana use can cause a person to feel happy one moment and then depressed the next. This is because they are constantly being distracted by the weed, which prevents them from being able to realize how depressed they are because they are not paying attention to the depression.

Another common symptom is learning disorders. People who are constantly stoned will find it very hard to learn things. They will have problems remembering information or simple things like facts. They also have problems performing simple tasks because they are so stoned that they cannot focus on them properly. Learning disabilities and other academic issues can develop because of this.

lemon haze auto The final major use of cannabis is to mood adjust. People who feel sad and happy all the time or even excessively irritable will use marijuana. It is all a part of using the drug for personal use. If you believe you are suffering from any of these cannabis use disorder symptoms, do not hesitate to visit your doctor and ask for help.