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The cannabis origin myth is a bit tricky. It goes something like this: A man grows some buds, plants, and starts to grow some more. When the crops are ready, the guy goes to a lab, gets some chemicals, makes some potpourri, and sells it to some stores. The rest of the story is nonsense.

Historically, the word “pot”, as it relates to cannabis, is believed to have been derived from the Latin word “potus”, which meant a pick or tip. In other words, if you snip a weed and keep it between your fingers and cover it with your thumb and forefinger, you have pot. If you cook a weed and leave it in a pan over high heat for an extended period of time, you will have to hash.

However, there are other theories that support the idea that this account is actually very close to the truth. Consider this. The bud itself is small, about the size of a pencil eraser, and contains no active ingredients; all it needs is to be cooked and the chemical reactions caused by the heat will take care of the rest. Even if there was no chemical reaction, imagine how hard it would be to remove the tiny little weed.

Another popular origin story concerns how hashish came to be. Legend has it that a wise man in the Middle East heard a goat tell a tale of a weed that healing a wound when applied, and he used it to heal his wounds. This became the first hashish, and from there it spread across the world. Now, in many places, people think they have the rare and potent weed killer when they buy pot; they just don’t know it!

But perhaps the most fascinating origin story concerns the role the herb played in the drug trade. white widow exterieur In the mid-1800s, crack cocaine was just beginning to become popular, and so it became essential to have pipes that can be used for smoking the drug. Thus, hashish was created. Today, it is known as “crack pipe”. The crack pipe gave police officers a more powerful weapon against hard narcotics like marijuana. It allowed them to easily bust people caught with small amounts of the substance, thus reducing the amount of marijuana seized by police.

When you look at the various origins of cannabis, you’ll see that much of it comes from a common ancestor. Weeds are very common in nature, and you should be able to find them everywhere. The question is, where did the weed get its start? You’ll soon discover the answer to that question, but first, try some of these fascinating cannabis origin stories today!